Shingle Roofs – The best ways to Cut the Shingles

If you're searching for "shingle roofing systems - ways to" info, you have actually pertained to the best location. The pattern to thicker shingles makes the task of cutting them rather harder. Here's 3 tools that will get the job done ...

Shingle Roofs: The best ways to Cut the Shingles - Tool # 1 Energy Knife

Choose a design that permits you to alter blades quickly without tools. Get one with a repaired blade, as retractable blade systems get gummed up with roof tar. And you desire one that fits naturally in your hand, while providing the blade to the work at an effective angle. The very best energy knife I have actually discovered for roof is a Stanley Design 10-399

Straight blades cut well on the back of the shingles and hook blades cut well on the front. You actually need to have 2 knives in your tool belt. Keep one all set to opt for a straight blade and one all set to opt for a hook blade. That conserves a great deal of time changing backward and forward in between blades.

Likewise keep a few of both blades in each knife. That method if you lose among your knives (which is simple to do) you will have the ability to manage with one knife.

Shingle Roofs: The best ways to Cut the Shingles - Tool # 2 Tin Snips

Tin snips work remarkably well for cutting shingles. They are quicker and simpler to utilize than a knife when cutting around pipelines and vents. They likewise work fantastic for cutting shingle valleys.

The only issue is ... the gritty shingles are tough on the cutting edges. I cannot bring myself to you utilize new snips on shingles. When they end up being too dull for metal, I change them and recycle the old ones for shingles.

Although numerous "tinners" utilize devoted snips for right and left cuts. I have actually discovered that Wiss M3R Straight Cut (Yellow Manage) Tin Snips work fine for many all my metal work ... and for shingles.

Shingle Roofs: The best ways to Cut the Shingles - Tool # 3 Shear

This is a tool you do not utilize all the time, however makes brief work out of cutting shingles. It appears like a guillotine-type paper cutter, other than it's heavy responsibility. It can be utilized to quickly cut any shingle to practically any angle.

However it actually shines on straight cuts. State you're fitting shingles along a side wall ... The shingle shear quickly cuts them square and to the precise length you require.

I likewise utilize it to restore shingle scraps at valleys and hips which have the square cut on the incorrect end. The shear rapidly squares up the appropriate end for you, putting a "factory surface" on it. It's much faster than a knife and does a much better task.

There are 2 or 3 designs on the marketplace, however my choice is the "Shingle Shear" made by Howard Tools.

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