Rambo 4 Knife Evaluation

The current release of the brand-new series of Rambo Knives by Master Flatware has actually been an extraordinary success. Still it has actually been hard for clients to discover particular information on each of these unique knives. Whether you describe them as Rambo Knives, Rambo Bowie Knives or Rambo Survival Knives everybody understands exactly what you are discussing.

It is difficult for me to include my enjoyment for the Rambo 4 Knife in this current series of Rambo knives from Master Flatware. In the interest of complete disclosure, I do offer these knives on the Web. To assist put my fascination with these knives in point of view, I have access to over 100 brand names of knives and this is the very first series where I am seriously taking a look at gathering each knife in the series.

The Rambo 4 knives have practically a cult following due to the success of the film and the image that is depicted for the Rambo Knife. Even with all the need for these Rambo Knives there still appears to be an absence of comprehensive info offered on these knives offered on the Web. Sure you can get the basic specifications on the Rambo 4 knives however we have had a number of demands from clients for more particular info.

Here we will evaluate the Rambo 4 Knife from the Master Flatware series.

Rambo 4 Knife-- This is a heavy bladed strong flat black knife that appears like a little machete and is hand created from a single piece of 1040 high carbon steel by the exact same artisans that make samurai swords. It weighs practically 3 pounds.

The Rambo 4 knife blade is 1 7/8 th inches broad near the hand grip and 2 1/4 inches broad at the suggestion. It is practically a 1/4 inch thick at the leading edge of the blade spinal column. The cutting edge of the blade is 10 inches long and the general blade is 12 inches. Entering into the deal with location the blade spinal column is over 1/4 "broad. The idea is a quasi Tanto type point that developed for simple penetration. The grip of the Rambo 4 knife is firmly covered with black leather. This wrap provides a firm cushioned grip and the grip location has to do with 5 inches long by 1 1/2 inches broad. This grip design assists you keep a great grasp when striving with the knife, whether you are sweating or it is putting down rain.

The butt of the Rambo 4 knife has a hole drilled in it for a lanyard. A black leather wrist strap comes connected. This wrist strap will enable you to hang the knife from your wrist while you are moving things, however still keep it useful.

This Rambo 4 knife features a dark brown leather sheath with a leg tie. The sheath is stamped Rambo. The belt loop is big enough to accommodate belts as much as 3 1/4 inches broad.

Will you have the ability to pry with this knife? I did refrain from doing a strength test on the Rambo 4 knife, however have you ever attempted to break or flex a 1/4" piece of steel that is 2" broad? If you simply attempted to pry with the very suggestion you may break or flex it, however if you get a great strong bite with the knife I believe you will be great to go.

Each knife features a certificate of credibility.


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