Panasonic DMR-EZ47VK DVD Recorder

The panasonic dmr-EZ47VK ($330Buy Now) can be considered a digital video Swiss Army knife. It has actually an integrated in ATSC tuner, DVD recording ability, VHS Playback and calling, and its an upconverting DVD gamer (as much as 1080 p by means of HDMI) to boot. With all this ability we were delighted when the system revealed up at the house workplaces of the HT Guys. On paper this gadget was too excellent to be real. How did it fare in the genuine world?

ATSC Tuner

The system includes an integrated in ATSC tuner which will make your present TELEVISION prepared for the analog cutoff. That is if over the air is how you are getting your present TELEVISION signals. Most likely its not however its still good to understand that you can tape those lovely digital signals in their beautiful quality. While the gamer is able choice up the digital HDTV signal it has no method to tape them in 720 p or 1080 i. Exactly what you get is an extremely tidy 480 p (DVD quality) signal tape-recorded to a DVD. A location of frustration though is if you are desire this gadget to function as an HDTV source for your HD Ready TELEVISION you run out luck. The gamer will not pass an HD signal through to the TELEVISION. We believed it was odd that the ATSC tuner does not support an Electronic Program Guide. The user interface is straight forward to utilize, it makes setting up recordings a bit more like the old VCRs. You truly never ever understand you tape-recorded exactly what you desire till you see it on the screen.

DVD Playback (Upconverting Efficiency)

We examined the image with both unbiased and subjective tests. For the unbiased tests we utilized the HQV DVD from Silicon Optix. We linked the gamer to our Mitsubishi WD-65831and set the gamer to output 1080 p by means of the HDMI cable television. We discovered that the gamer did a fantastic task with the Color Bar test and a good task with the Jaggies. The jaggies test examines the gamers abilities of handling moving items. Information Improvement, Sound Decrease and Movement Adaptive tests were a bit too tough for this gamer however it did a fantastic task with 3:2 detection. In general the DMR-EZ47VK is a good upconverting DVD gamer. Certainly an enhancement over a basic DVD gamer.

Since the HQV disc is established to worry the DVD gamers abilities, we likewise wished to have a look at how this gamer carried out with routine films. Here we took out our old standbys, Blackhawk Down and Spiderman 2 Superbit. The gamer did an exceptional task with these films. The night scope vision scenes did not appear rough and information was extremely noticeable in dark scenes. Spiderman 2 looked extraordinary! We cannot await the Spiderman 3. Digital audio, both Dolby Digital and DTS, was sent by means of the HDMI cable television. One cable television brought both video and audio to the receiver. The entire chain, (Mitsubishi DLP, Panasonic DVD Recorder, and Aperion Speakers) looked and sounded great. We forgot that the gamer was a DVD Recorder with upconversion ability. In general, we were extremely happy with the playback of DVDs on the panasonic sc.

VHS Playback and Dubbing

If you have boxes of old videos that you tape-recorded of the kids and are trying to find a method to move and keep them in a digital format then this item if for you. Conserving your kid's school play for future generations is as basic as placing the video tape and blank DVD-R and striking a single button. This likewise works for copying DVDs to a blank VHS Tape. Can you still discover those in shops;--RRB-? The recorder supports practically all recordable disc formats consisting of double layer discs.

DVD Recording

The gamer has 4 recording modes that include an excellent mix of capability to quality factors to consider. The greatest quality mode (XP) can tape one hour of video on a single layer disc. The longest record times are accomplished in EP mode with as much as 8 hours of recording. Dual-layer discs are supported and practically double these worths. The system likewise supports SP and LP modes. All recordings can be viewed on the gamer by means of a "Recordings" menu product that has a thumbnail user interface with movement. To see your recordings on a basic DVD gamer the disc has to be settled which can use up to fifteen minutes. Something to think about when repeating a widescreen recording on the DMR-EZ47VK is the image is shown in the correct element ratio. When you play it back on another upconverting DVD gamer the image is crushed to a 4:3 element ratio. You would then have to change your Televisions settings to extend the image back to 16:9.

Video quality is is a function of the recording mode. In the longest playing mode (EP) the quality is rather deteriorated as compared with XP mode. Tape-recorded HD looked OKAY however it was simple to see that the image was not HD. If you are utilized to seeing HD you will see a certain quality loss in exactly what you are utilized to seeing. With that stated, the digital image was much better than any SD image we might come up with. Called VHS tapes looked as excellent as they might thinking about the source.

Other Factors to consider

The gamer has a SD slot however its just helpful for seeing photos. The DVD gamer supports DIVX. From the Panasonic Site: Authorities DivX Licensed item. Plays all variations of DivX video (consisting of DivX6) with basic playback of DivX media files. The gamer will likewise playback CD Audio and mp3s. The system supports EZ Sync HDAVI Control so you can link your DVD gamer to your Panasonic parts and manage them with one touch of your remote control. The last thing we wish to cover is the menu system and push-button control. The Menu system is a bit complicated and not instinctive to pass through. The remote had allot of buttons and you truly needed to look for the buttons you required. Its reasonable when you think about how numerous functions this item does. We simply wished to explain that you will have to invest a long time with the gamer to acquaint yourself with it to obtain the most out of it.

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