Mafia Wars Loot– Ways to Get More Unique Mafia Wars Loot

Are you wanting to acquire more unique loot in Mafia Wars? Well to acquire more loot, you need to bear in mind that they are dropped at random while finishing specific tasks and might not constantly be dropped on the very first time. Follow this list to obtain the loot that you desire for your mafia.

Loot List

• Stab-Proof Vest - Eliminate A Safeguarded Snitch
• Bodyguards - Safeguard Your City Versus A Competing Household
• Night Vision Safety glasses - Assassinate A Political Figure
• Armored Truck - Smuggle Throughout The Border
• Armored Cars and truck - Get into Tong-Controlled Area
• Bullet-Proof Bentley - Win 20,000Chips In Mafia Wars Poker
•.22Handgun - Batter Competing Gangster
• Butterfly Knife - Collect Security Loan
• Brass Knuckles - Rough Up Dealerships
• 9mm Semi-Automatic - Rob A Pimp
•.45Revolver - Get A Rouge Police officer
• Tactical Shotgun - Carry out a Struck
• C-4 - Ruin Opponent Mon Hideout
• Automatic Rifle - Bust a Made Guy From Jail
• Semi-Automatic Shotgun - Battle a Haitian Gang
• Grenade Launcher - Push back the Yakuza
•.50Quality Rifle - Interrupt Competing Smuggling Ring
• RGP Launcher - Offer Weapons to Russian Mob
• Napalm Attack - Eradicate a Competing Household

So there you have it, the loot list in Mafia Wars. As specified above, you might have to finish the task more than as soon as to obtain the loot as they do not constantly drop on the very first time.

Now that you understand the best ways to get the loot products, how do you utilize these unique weapons appropriately to grow and develop the greatest mafia to damage your competitors at Mafia Wars?

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