Idun Searching Knife, Leather Sheath

The Idun Searching knife is the 5th in the Northern Lights series produced by Fallkniven Knives in Sweden. Each knife is called after a various god in Norse folklore. The 5 knives in order are the Thor, the Oden, the Njord, the Frej, and the Idun.

Idun was the goddess of fountain of youth, fertility, and death. She was wed to the god of poetry, Bragi. Idun was the sole guardian of the golden apples of fountain of youth. Whenever among the gods started to feel aging approaching, he just needed to take a bite of among the golden apples to instantly have his youth renewed.

The Idun Searching Knife is a clear representation of the goddess Idun. As a hunting knife it brings both life and death; life as food to the hunter; death as an end to the hunted. The Idun Searching Knife likewise has the terrific qualities that are preferred in a hunting knife.

The general length of the knife is 8 & frac12;”& rdquo;. The blade is 4 & rdquo; long and is made from laminated VG-10 stainless-steel. The benefits of VG-10 stainless-steel are that it is a difficult steel that can easily hold an edge and preserve sturdiness without the drawback of ending up being fragile as prevails in some high-carbon steels. The VG-10 blade is laminated, or layered, with coats of 420J-2 stainless-steel which provides it the rust resistance extremely valued by hunters, while the “& ldquo; very steel & rdquo; (as VG-10 is typically understood) is left exposed to enable the hunter a blade that can be honed to a great razor-sharp edge that will not dull quickly or rapidly.

The deal with of the knife is made from stacked leather which not just provides it an outstanding appearance, however likewise provides it a more comfy and total grip. The straight grip of the deal with likewise provides the hunter more efficient control of the knife. The Idun Searching Knife comes total with a leather sheath for simple storage and security. It is likewise offered with a Damascus steel blade.  Click on this link for a fantastic choice of knives.

| Idun Searching Knife, Leather Sheath

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