The best ways to Change a Quartz Watch Battery?

Opening the watch case cover

  1. Pull the stem out which is ideal on top of the watch to stop it working briefly although with a dead battery, it might currently quit working anyhow.
  2. Flip over the watch.
  3. The most typical and simplest method is to utilize the case knife.
  4. Discover the recessed location on the edge of the back cover; this is the gain access to indicate place the case knife. This recessed indent location is generally really small with the length 0.25-0.375" so you have to try to find it really thoroughly. Often, the indent is right under the stem however not constantly necessarily. You might run your fingers around the back cover rim if it is tough to see.
  5. Hold the watch in one hand and the case knife in the other hand.
  6. Move the case knife (blade at its best point) under the edge of the back of the case.
  7. Carefully push the case knife to the case, twist and pry off, up until you hear or feel the "pop"

Eliminating the old battery

  1. After the cover has actually been removed, you will see the battery.
  2. See how the old battery is placed, more than likely you will see the battery type number personalized side dealing with up.
  3. Inspect the battery type number in order to get a brand-new similar one to put it.
  4. Utilize a set of tweezers to eliminate the battery.
  5. Utilize a brush to clean up around and eliminate the dirt and particles from the watch compartment and the rim of the watch cover, and utilize a dust blower to blow away the dust.
  6. Stick in the brand-new battery and return the spring arm in the battery case at the very same time with the tweezers, and push the battery down and let it set well in the battery case.


  1. Location the cover back to the watch.
  2. Merely, however carefully, press the cover back to the watch utilizing your fingers.
  3. Be careful of breaking the glass through unequal pressure.
  4. Ensure the cover is safely back to the watch.
  5. Change the time and press the stem back.
  6. Tidy the watch with a cleansing fabric.


  • Attempt not to utilize a routine sharp edge knife or a flat screwdriver unless you are great and knowledgeable in doing so. This might scratch the watch case and leave marks on the case cover. And you might harm yourself too. The ideal tool to utilize is a case knife or watch case opener which is with blunt blade.
  • Utilize a good and soft fabric to hold the watch for pry off and return the case cover, this will safeguard both your hand and the watch from being harmed by knife slip.
  • Utilize the blade rather of the point of the case knife when opening the back cover.
  • A plastic tweezers might be much better than a metal one in securing the system of the watch inside.
  • Lastly, vintage, water resistant and or specialized watch ought to be required to the expert.
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