Executive Defense – Know Your Opponent


Figures reveal that executive kidnappings typically take place near to the in-country hotel or house or en path to and from the airport. Hotel drivers do not evaluate paths to and from the hotel or the airport to enable adequate options to avoid foreseeable patterns of travel. This puts executives at a greater threat. To protect, executives have to differ their everyday paths to avoid abductors looking for prospective targets from evaluating patterns in motions and schedules.

This suggests leaving your hotel or house at various times every day and utilizing various paths. When coming back to your hotel or house, differ times of departure and paths of travel. Executives need to understand that data reveal they are most susceptible to kidnapping in the early morning due to the fact that night travel patterns are less foreseeable. It is necessary that executives have a clear photo of the characteristics of kidnapping, where it takes place, who is at threat, who the abductors are, how they work and exactly what influences them. The following are kidnapping behavioral, organizational and functional qualities.


Males are extremely the wrongdoers in executive kidnappings. Abductors might be in between 29 and 35 years of age, well-read and devoted, and some might want to crave their cause, whether political or perhaps monetary. Most of abductors will belong to the nation's native population and have unnoticeable functions that can mix in anywhere. Abductors are usually fit, understand self-defense and might have military or security training in weapons utilize, methods and dynamites. Many abductors use high levels of preparing usually including target intelligence event, case, preparation and wedding rehearsal. The following are the behavioral and functional qualities of expert abduct groups.


Usually abductors will be fully equipped, well-led, determined to win and extremely adaptive. Abductors are typically fast thinking, do not have emotionalism and have a high degree of commitment and discipline. They have actually been understood to show nerve and self-confidence throughout operations. Their perseverance, decision and determination are based upon politically focused concerns or monetary gain. They are well-schooled in the languages and cultures of the areas covered by their group and are competent in a range of abduct jobs. Abductors have a high degree of psychological self-discipline and a low degree of compassion and level of sensitivity.


Kidnappers are typically of an age that puts them in their years of biggest physical strength, endurance and resilience. They generally have the ability to mix with the regional people. In many cases they are native occupants of the basic population, which provides an essential benefit over their targets.


Kidnappers typically have high levels of efficiency with methods, methods and weapons. Abductors might likewise have comprehensive training in monitoring and reconnaissance to choose maximum targets, places, times and leave paths. Many have typical abilities and experience to work at a graduate level both physically and psychologically. Expert abductors have a much wider series of skills and abilities than badly moneyed or inexperienced groups such as gangs of jobless youths and disorderly street punks.



To attain their goals, abductors utilize a range of tools. They might use disguises such as wigs, mustaches, beards and clothes. They usually use gloves, use tape and blindfolds, utilize counterfeit files, interaction devices, required entry and monitoring tools. As a way of subduing and disorientating the victim, the target is typically right away drugged with an anesthetic provided through injection. Wildnila®& reg;, in some cases administered to paralyze abduct victims, has an analgesic strength 10,000times that of morphine and is utilized in veterinary practice to paralyze particular big animals (elephants, rhinoceroses, wolves, seals and polar bears).


Kidnappers are typically well-armed with pistols, silencers, automated weapons, hand grenades and cold weapons; these consist of knives, hatchets and iron pipelines, and so on


They will have appropriate methods of transport that typically consist of a security car, abduct car and security car. These lorries consist of personal and rented lorries, industrial lorries, taken lorries and bikes.


Like everybody else, abductors have issues with their operating expense. Funds are needed for preparations, lorries, gas and safe homes and the daily functional costs of the group. Adequate resources are invested throughout the pre-operational target monitoring and reconnaissance durations. Many abductors get funding from other criminal activities (break-in, extortion, drug sales, and so on), there are considerable budget plan constraints on each operation. Leaders within the abduct group will not use functional possessions without major factor to consider of the cost/benefit elements and will not invest funds thoughtlessly.

As an outcome, preparing concentrates on budget plan constraints, restrictions and losses versus the worth of a likely target. Abductors search for inexpensive, low-risk targets to optimize their functional opportunities of success. Abduct operations focus on economy of workers and loan management and balance the possibility of losses versus the financial investment worth of the abduct target.


Functional qualities describe the actions used by abductors, showing their abilities and goals. Since abduct groups run in a low-profile mode, their qualities in some cases go undetected. In efforts to find a victim of prominence, abductors put a close watch on possible executive targets and locations. This orderly type of observation is called pre-kidnap monitoring.

Kidnappers use mobile monitoring, which includes following the target from location to location, and fixed monitoring, which includes observing targets from repaired positions. This might consist of being in lorries for prolonged time periods or standing back from a window on an upper flooring, following the target's relocations. Both approaches need excellent cover to guarantee abduct property surveyors do not suspiciously stick out or develop suspicion.

As Sun Tzu states: "Know your opponent and understand yourself and you can battle a hundred fights without catastrophe." Protect out there.

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