Do It Yourself Butcher Block Oil Recipes

Bring back the appeal of your wood cutting boards and butcher blocks is simple and low-cost! There are numerous items on the marketplace you can utilize that can be found in elegant product packaging, however it is simple to prepare your very own Do It Yourself item. Keeping your cutting boards conditioned lengthens their life and keeps them hygienic so it readies to have something on hand for routine usage. This post shares 3 really simple dishes for treating your butcher boards when they have actually ended up being dry, require refinishing, or repair work.

You will require:

Food grade mineral oil



Container- glass containers and old coffee cans work terrific

Pot- to utilize as double boiler

Sanitized stir stick- wood ones work terrific

Constantlybegin with a perfectly tidy and incredibly dry butcher board. Wash it down with vinegar the night prior to and let it air dry while you sleep. The next early morning, condition your tidy dry board utilizing among the following approaches.

The very first approachisn't actually a "dish" at all. It's simply plain old food grade mineral oil. There are loads of various concepts out there on which oils go rancid and which oils are best to utilize. In basic, food grade mineral oil is thought about the very best all around oil to utilize on your wood cutting surface areas. It is odor-free, colorless, low-cost, and a lot of absolutely will not go rancid. It can be quickly discovered at your regional hardware shop or drug shop. To treat your butcher board with mineral oil carefully rub warmed oil onto the wood and permit it to take in. Get your oil warm, not hot. If you resemble me and do not have a "nuker", merely utilize a double boiler on the range top. Simply take care as the oil is clearly combustible. This is a fantastic routine treatment to keep your board conditioned.

The 2nd dishis for a velvety board oil or "Dream Cream" as I call it. This is an abundant mix of mineral oil and beeswax. Including beeswax to your oil increases its water resistance and includes an extremely small appeal to the surface. Parafin can likewise be utilized. It is odor-free and much cheaper; nevertheless, I personally choose beeswax. This is a fantastic treatment for a board that has actually ended up being really dry or has actually been sanded down for refinishing. The dish requires 9 parts food grade mineral oil to 1 part beeswax.

Procedure out 1 part wax to 9 parts oil. Wax beads are readily available or you can shave wax pieces off a block like I did.

Heat the oil and wax gradually up until the oil is warm and the wax has actually melted. Ensure to stir and integrate the wax as it melts.

Put a little of the melted item onto your butcher board and rub it in making certain to obtain all surface areas, particularlythe cut edges. Permit it to take in prior to utilizing the board to prepare food. The consistency of this dish is a little like hair gel after it cools a bit and gets firmer as it gets cooler. It will merge the board like butter as you use it. It can be utilized warm or cold; Nevertheless, I believe it works much better and quicker when it's warm.

The 3rd dishis for a paste design "board wax". This is an abundant ultra fat mix of oil and beeswax. It is thick and waxy and uses loads of water resistance once the wax has actually solidified. It can be rubbed to a soft appeal and looks lovely. Utilize this dish as a polishing paste or break filler. Keeping the periodic fractures and knife marks filled extends the life of your board!

This dish is 4-5 parts food grade mineral oil to 1 part beeswax. Heat the oil and integrate the wax as above. Rub it into the board. Permit the oil to take in and the wax to solidify prior to rubbing it out and preparing food on it. If utilized warm, this wax will spread out a thinner layer. If utilized cold it is rather thick and pasty and will provide you a much heavier finishing.

Your wood needs to be dealt with routinely to keep it from drying and splitting! The treatment frequency and the kind of butcher block oil you have to utilize depends upon numerous variables; such as environment and how typically your board is utilized and cleaned. You will need to be the judge. These "dishes" will not just magnificently condition your butcher board however will contribute to its life time. They will likewise keep forever. As soon as you have a batch comprised it will be simple to get off the rack and utilize all year long!

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