Comparing 3 Brand names of Chef Knives: Function Type and Design

Though I am not an experienced chef, I prepare and prepare premium meals, investing lots of hours with a knife in hand. Using an excellent knife is extremely crucial in the kitchen area. The convenience in hand, sharpness of blade, the length of time the blade remains sharp, and the balance in the hand are my requirements. These are my viewpoints just, and might not use to how they are utilized by another.

Wusthof Classic 8 inch chef knife

I have had the Wusthof chef knife for 14 years. The very first crucial aspect of Wusthof Classic is that the deals with are resin, and not wood. I am continuously cutting and slicing and cleaning the knives, though never ever in the dishwashing machine. Wood deals with get dry and require oil, simply a reality of life. I search for ease. This was a point in favor of Wusthof. Wusthof utilizes high carbon steel, which holds a sharp edge far longer than blades with a lower carbon material. With a little work, the knife keeps an excellent sharp edge and works completely. The Wusthof chef knife has much better weight than any knife I had actually held in the past, likewise a strong point in its favor. It is reasonably well balanced and has a complete tang, implying the steel extends the whole length of the knife, into the deal with, where it is riveted in location.

Cutco 9.25inch chef knife

About 3 years ago I purchased the Cutco chef knife. It is far longer than many other chef knives. This readies when I am slicing a bigger amount of food, however usually it is simply long. I am less familiar with the length, so that is a minus. The weight or heft of the knife is light in contrast to the Wusthof Classic chef knife. It looks great, however is less well balanced in my hand. It does have complete tang and the deals with are riveted in location. It is a sharp knife, however the business desires it delivered to them for honing. This is great, in the sense that a person understands it will be honed correctly. It is a stress to need to take the knife elsewhere. All in all not a bad knife, however not my very first option or suggestion.

Wusthof Grand Prix 7 inch Santoku

In 1998 the Wusthof Classic line did not have a Santoku knife, so I got the Grand Prix Santoku. It does not fit me well, though I utilize it sometimes. The Santoku blade has little wells cut into the blade, for the function of simple release of foods when slicing foods or sculpting meats. The Grand Prix line does not have the great weight of the Traditional line, does not have complete tang, and the blade has a straighter edge. For directly down slicing, this works fine. I do a great deal of rocker slicing, utilizing the pointer of the knife as a pivot and boiling down once again and once again. The Wusthof Grand Prix Santoku does not work well for this application.

Hammer Stahl 7.5 inch Santoku

This year I purchased a Hammer Stahl 7.5 inch Santoku knife. I have actually been utilizing it practically specifically since. This knife is likewise made from high carbon steel. The weight of the knife is outstanding, though incredibly well stabilized in the hand. The weight makes slicing appear simple and easy. The shape of the deal with fits well in the hand. It is a Santoku blade, though the little wells are much further back from the blade edge. The line of the blade has more curve, unlike the Wusthof Grand Prix Santoku, enabling terrific ease with pivot slicing. The blade has complete tang, and the knife is a thing of charm with the resin fertilized Pakka wood deals with. For terrific grip, weight and balance, this is the very best knife I own. It is still extremely sharp after half a year of consistent usage.

Any great knife is going to be reasonably pricey. These knives vary from 60 dollars for the Wusthof Grand Prix Santoku to 160 dollars for the Hammer Stahl Santoku. The Wusthof chef knife costs about 130 dollars, where the Cutco chef knife has to do with 150 dollars. If possible, go to a shop that offers high quality knives and attempt them out. Choose exactly what sort of knife you will utilize most and purchase a minimum of one great knife.

Thank you for making the effort to read my short article. I hope it was useful and assisted you along your very own cooking journey.

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