10 Realities About the Polar Bear Plunge

Are they nuts? Plunging into water at 8 degrees Celsius (46F)! Possibly they are, however individuals have actually been understood to do complete stranger things.

  1. A Polar Bear "Swim" or "Plunge" is a custom that returns more than 100 years. It stemmed with the Scandinavian sauna custom as a method to quickly cool down after the heat of a sauna.
  2. In China and Russia, ice-swimming is considered to have health advantages and is carried out whenever the requirement emerges, not simply on New Year's Day.
  3. Russian ice-swimmers are described as 'walruses' rather of the North American 'polar bears'.
  4. In The United States and Canada, the earliest yearly plunge comes from Boston, MA (1904). Dorchester Bay water was 3 degrees Celsius (37F) on January 1, 2012 - hardly above freezing. Regardless, over 600 swimmers came out to take the waters.
  5. Complete submersion is the goal for the perfectionists. They state that it's not so bad once you get your head damp. I do not know about that!
  6. Outfits are optional however chosen in The United States and Canada. Superhero outfits prevail. A minimum of a single person has actually worn a polar bear outfit.
  7. The most significant occasion in Canada happens in Vancouver, B.C. Vancouverites plunge into a freezing English Bay, part of the Pacific Ocean. The swim was started in 1921 by a regional restaurateur who welcomed buddies to join him for a fast dip and rewarded them with a totally free lunch. Nowadays, there are more than 2,000individuals and 10,000viewers.
  8. Water temperature levels in English Bay on New Year's Day are typically in the area of 8 Celsius. Thinking about that regular body temperature level is 37 Celsius, you can see that there is a substantial gradient. Many people rush in and rush right back out. A couple of brave souls in fact swim for a number of minutes, however the bulk simply plunge. One individual commented that "it's rather enjoyable once you lose sensation in your limbs".
  9. January 1, 2012 saw a record 36,000polar bear swimmers in numerous places around the Netherlands.
  10. Countless dollars are raised for charity each year by New Year's Day 'Polar Bears'.

Plunging into icy water can be provided for health, enjoyable, charity or simply to strike it from your pail list. If you missed out on the New Year's Day plunge, you can head north to Yellowknife, North West Territories for their March "Freezin for a Factor" in Great Servant Lake, 400 km (250miles) south of the Polar circle.

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